The most important Xmas thought… Der wichtigste Weihnachtsgedanke

Zuhause mit den Liebsten ist es am schönsten. Gerade zu Weihnachten! This Christmas commercial from Edeka deserves 2nd thoughts.
Of course, we would like to spend X-mass in the snow, or under the tropical sun, or with friends…
Just think of the many beautiful Christmases that your parents organised for the family (I hope that was the case at your home).
In my case Deutsche Weihnachten, thanks to my German Mom. We had a huge Christmas tree with lots of real candles and many presents under it (where the guinnea pigs cosily pottered around). German Christmas songs, the traditional Weihnachtsstollen and of course each year on Christmas eve Waldorfsalad with Roast beef and the Christmas goose on 25th of December. Christmas without grandparents was impossible and that tradition I hold on to. We don’t need a mourning announcement card to do so. It is great how Edeka gives us a conscience mirror to look into. Or look at: