Praat Nederlands met me, Ik ben Nederlands…

Why you should let Kenny B’s Summerhit, “Praat Nederlands met me” apply to you? You live in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam, you work in an international environment and hey; almost everybody seems to speak English. You get by fine. So why bother to learn Dutch? If you live here for a short time, you might be right. If you plan to stay, it is worth to make the effort.
1: The best way to assimilate to a new culture is to learn the language. If you speak Dutch with the Dutch, read Dutch newspapers and watch Dutch TV, you will assimilate much easier to the Dutch culture.
2: The Dutch start politely in English, but usually lively conversations and jokes will slide slowly into Dutch.
3: Your children start to speak it more and more fluently, and although you might understand them in the beginning, you will start losing track. If they don’t want you to understand them, they ‘ll speak Dutch!
4: Dutch is not so difficult to learn. If you have a good teacher, pointing out similarities and differences between English and Dutch, and explaining well the rules of pronunciation, it is a lot of fun to learn Dutch.
5: The local Dutch will definitely show their appreciation if you make the effort to communicate in their own language.
09 shake hands voor het raam
6: It is so much fun to understand and participate in: the typical conversations on the market the original Dutch start phrase this nice guy/lady says to you at a bar all the gossip around you at the birthday party the weekends highlights on Monday morning around the coffee machine at work the spontaneous expressions shouted at the soccer stadium, the ice skating ring or at any sports field or location. Feel inspired?