Überhaupt Taaltraining not only organizes your language training but can also assist you with translating any kind of text, you need, from Dutch to German and the other way around.

It is the tone that makes the music…This is the essence of a good translation. It is not only about using the correct words, but much more that the character and style of the text stays the same.
On average for every 3 German words you will find only one Dutch word. In the Dutch language, the meaning of words generally depends more on the context in which they are found.
The right translation therefor is a matter of Fingerspitzengefühl, gut feeling. Only a bilingual person, or someone who studied both languages extensively, has this natural feeling.

Isabel van Boetzelaer understands the art of translation between her two mother tongue languages as a result of many years of experience in writing as well as translating.

She finds a smooth balance between style and the communicative message, so that the impact will stay the same whether in Dutch or German, but will still be suitable for the Dutch reader (in case of translation into Dutch) or for the German reader (in case of translation into German).

You can have all kinds of texts translated; Websites, Instructions, News Articles, Announcements, Brochures, Company Documents like contracts, and all other types of information. Needless to say we will treat your information with the utmost discretion and sense of personal privacy. We are fast, efficient and happy to work outside of office hours.

Translation costs
0,15per word
  • This will be around €40,- per page